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I lost 12.5 fat loss and body toning/ muscle firming together at healthy life clinic with Dr farheen guidance and procedures. She personally looks into each patient treatment unlike Other clinics which only have dietician. Also to specify I have got THYROID from a famous U-Lipo clinic in bandra west after their treatments and diets and gained 10 kgs with THYROID after their Treatment. I approached Dr Farheen and she has treated me 100% natural medicines which I even tested prior to treatment ( it was 100% natural) and her treatment is guaranteed 8kgs. I was able to acchieve 12.5 in 1 and ½ treatment only with 100% safe processes and no exercise and Dieticians around. She has only hanged my eating habits (which are very easy and simple like daily Eating and has also gt my BP, Thyroid, Cholestrol, Knee Pain and Diabetes under control

-Anonymous , Bandra Mumbai

My family has a history of Blood dialysis and High BP and Diabetes. I met Dr Farheen and she got my BP in control without allopathic BP medicines and also my diabetes went down from 350 to 130 in just 7 days and my Neck and shoulder pain and migraine was over in 15 days of treatment. I also lost 5 kgs and 5 inches on my tummy with her treatment

– Samina, Mumbai

Weight loss treatment given by Dr Farheen has been amazing, I am thankful to her that she helped me reduce my weight and inches so fast. I am 19 year old teen and with my busy schedule of college and studies I was able to reduce weight easily and with not much hardwork.When I started, I was 80kgs and with 1 treatment (2 advanced sittings given at Nagpur) i have lost about 6-6.5kgs. I have seen a considerable difference in my inches too. Clothes that didn’t fit me earlier, now fit me. and All this has happened in just a span of 20-25 days. I look forward to more treatments that she will be visiting and giving me, and I know its going to be just great.

All thanks to Dr Farheen for being just an awesome guide. 

Ashna, Nagpur

I am a 52 year old lady with Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood Pressure. I have been operated for for Hernia too, two years back. With all these problems I have been able to reduce my weigh by Dr Farheen’s guidance and teatments. Before the treatment my weight was 86kgs and now in a month span I am 80kgs (with 2 sittings given in Nagpur) . With no exercise or diet I have seen this result.

My blood sugar levels were always high & I used to be on allopathic medicines to control my sugar levels, but by just a trial of medicines given by Dr Farheen I have my sugar in control. Earlier my blood sugar was approx 300 and now it is 110. At this age I have seen a great difference in my health and weigt and so easily. God Bless Dr Farheen for giving me the best.

-Sunita , Nagpur

I am from Belapur with PCOD and have managed to loose 10.5kgs & 8 inches and body toning in just single package with Dr Farheen weight loss package— My face spots have reduced, and my hair fall stopped in 2 days, they were thickened upto 25%, whitening reduced in 15 days to natural black and hair growth approximate near 2 inches and Breast lifted , perky and tighter to 1.5inches — Every penny is worth it! Dr farheen Keep up the good work! Cant Believe a Doctor who treats without side effects and Really does what she says! I promise to recommend her ! —                                                 

-Sneha, Navi Mumbai

I am a doctor and 36 year old and have taken a trial sitting of weight loss with Dr farheen, I have lost 2.5kgs in the trial sitting and 4 inches which further to which I have enrolled for a 8 kgs permanent package with Dr farhin in which I have already lost 3.5kgs in 2 visits 


Thank you doc… I lost 5kgs in only 3 sessions . Thankyou once again

– Giselle, Mumbai

The weight loss program is worthed. I lost 4kgs in 3sitting only


First package, I had 8kg fat loss and 5 kg weight loss.. gradually, without any physical exertion… only maintaining proper eating habits, natural medicine and treatment conducted by Dr farheen at her clinic


Weight Loss Treatment which was simple to follow and keep up with. Professional doctor and attention to my requirements. It is good luck and love to the excellent team which not only provided customised program giving tangible results but most importantly Dr farheen keep you motivation levels high at all times to so that you reach your goal                                                  (Note: Saher has managed from 94kgs to 83 in only 4 long sittings @Healthy Life) 

-Saher, Mumbai

I am very happy with the weight loss programme designed by Dr Farheen. I had lost 8kgs in 2weeks am yet on the programme, though die an accident, I am unable to attend the sessions for over 2 weeks now but have managed to keep the weight i had lost with help & guidance of Dr Farheen. I am waiting to join again so that I can get rid of all unwanted fat and weight once and for all . if it can work for a 53 year old it can work for Anyone. Have a Healthy Day!

                                                                                                                                      – Kashmira, Mumbai 

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You Must Try it. I am a mother of 2 year old kid at the age of 32 weighing 90. I just consulted Dr.Farheen on weight loss program. You don’t believe what I am going what I am going to say but it swear. I have lost 12 kg in 6 sitting. And I have also lost 18 inches. All youu have to do is just trust and go with it.
Navi Mumbai

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